2035 Comprehensive Plan

Be a Part of Redwood Falls’ Vision for the Future

The City of Redwood Falls is embarking on an exciting journey by creating a comprehensive plan that will cover the years 2017-2035.  With the last plan dating back to 1995, this is an incredible opportunity to present a vision for the future of this historic and close-knit City by defining long-range goals and objectives that impact the entire community.  The most important part of the process is having direct feedback from residents, community leaders, and other valued stakeholders.  Not sure what is comprehensive plan involves?  Want to get involved and share your thoughts?  Reach out to any of the Plan Committee members noted!  Check back to this page often, as we will also post the latest Plan updates and planning details.  Together, we will provide a vision for the future!

Latest News

Plan Purpose + Goals

  • Provide a collective community vision for the future
  • Provide continuity across time
  • Serve as a means to balance community and private interests
  • Serve as a means to protect public investments and valued resources
  • Guide community appearance
  • Promote economic development
  • Provide justifications for community decisions


Comprehensive Plan Structure

Local Comprehensive Plan Committee Members

Keith Muetzel City Administrator
Jim Doering Public Works Project Coordinator
Jackie Edwards Park Superintendent
Tim Hanna Building Official/Zoning Administrator
Tom Stough Water Superintendent
Chuck Heins Electric Superintendent
Bob LeSage Redwood Industries
Ernie Fiala Planning Commission
Doug Prins Planning Commission
Jeannie Lemoges Port Authority
Jackson Koster Port Authority
Craig LaBrie Port Authority
Corey Theis Mayor
Jim Sandgren City Council
Matt Smith City Council

Project Partners


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